ContactUS Communications Assumes Operations
at Busy Southwest Pennsylvania Contact Center,
Ensuring Continuity of Care and Saving 120-plus Job


Our Guiding Principles
• Innovation
• Transparency
• Collaboration
• Credibility

Contact Center Solutions

Our business – our ONLY business – is providing top-grade consumer support to some of the best-known brands in North America. We provide outsourced contact center support via phone, email, web chat, or even automated self-service solutions. We do this with a 100% US-based workforce.

    • Sales
    • Technical support
    • Billing and credit services
    • Subscriber retention
    • Third party verifications or courtesy notifications
    • Back office activities

Managed Speech Analytics

The ability to understand what’s happening on 100% of our clients’ calls yields remarkable benefits. We use industry-leading speech analytics technology to analyze recorded interactions. We use it to help our front-line staff be more efficient and effective. We use it to detect flaws in our clients’ products, services and communications. We use it to provide vital business intelligence to our client companies, based on what their customers are saying to us.

It’s not some ‘add-on’ service that carries a higher price tag. It’s simply an integral part of the support service we deliver.

Enhancing Your Brand

High customer satisfaction, outstanding quality, and great service are the cornerstones of all successful businesses. Seasoned leadership and exceptional front-line representatives allow ContactUs to provide a seamless experience for your customers; acting as an extension of your brand.

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